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Hi friends,

Many of you might be familiar with the famous blogging platform i.e. Wordpress. Many of you might be using the same. Sometime it becomes essential to use extra modules which we call as Plugins in wordpress to extend the functionality as per our needs. I have many people paying hundred of dollars for adding just simple funcationalities to their blog or website. So i thought to share a link with my readers so that they can choose from a very cost effective option.

Follow along this link provided below to check one of the biggest market place for wordpress plugins. You can find here thousands of wordpress plugin for almost every functionality you can think of adding to your blog or website.

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How to display your Twitter Tweets on your Facebook profile?

Facebook and Twitter are the largest social networking sites in the world.Facebook is used by 421 million worldwide and Twitter is used by almost 200 million by the end of 2013.These are the most important tools for Bloggers to drive traffic to their websites.
Posting the posts to both Facebook and Twitter takes a lot of time.
Many people depend on 3rd party applications to post them automatically.Recently Twitter had launched its official linking with Facebook.Now tweets you tweet in Twitter will directly appear on Facebook by doing a small setting.Follow these simple steps.

Steps To Show Your Tweets On Facebook:

1.Log in to your Twitter account.
2.Now go to User-drop menu and select settings.

3.Now select profile on left side and click on "Connect to Facebook" option.
4.Now sign in to your Facebook account and select your privacy and allow the permission for the app.

5.Now go back to your twitter account(settings) and you can select the pages in which you want to post your tweets.
6.Select the pages and save the changes.

7.You are done.

If you are a heavy tweeter i.e, you tweet heavily I prefer not to do this. It may annoy your friends,visitors etc.

Courtesy : mytechspan.com

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Tracking location of Android Smartphone with Android Device Manager

iOS and Windows Phones came with a web app which helped you to track location of your stolen or missing smartphone and also wipe out the data in the smartphone remotely. You must have read on the internet how an iPhone was lost in a bar and then sold to a website etc. These case do happen and tracking and locating the device is pretty useful feature.

Android did not come with this feature but with the launch of Android Device Manager by Google, you will be able to track the location of your lost or stolen Android Smartphone as well as you can wipe the device from web if you think your data might be compromised. With the help of Android Device Manager, your smartphone will ring at the maximum volume for 5 minutes even if it has been silenced all in real-time.
The service is now available on Android Smartphones running Gingerbread 2.2 and above and to use it you must be signed into your Google Account.
How do you feel about Android Device Manager being introduced to help in locating the Android Smartphones and tracking them , we personally feel that it is one more step towards more and more users.
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Review about Stylish Bazaar (on request)

Stylish Bazaar

Hello friends,

I had been asked by one of my friend to review a newly launched Indian website stylishbazaar.com. Here i have tried my best to provide every possible aspect of this website along with some comparisons with the leading websites.

Online shopping in India is booming and it would ultimately be the number one preference for shoppers because of its ease and convenience! With just one click, one can purchase new clothes, electronic equipments, and much more to be delivered directly at the door step.

Online retailing in India is on the rise, but it is highly fragmented and filled with immense challenges. Few web merchants and VC’s predict that the market could twofold in size to more than $3 billion in a couple of years. I personally believe that   there is ample opportunity for online retailers to construct a long-lasting business.

Though the Indian online retailing marketplace is tiny when compared to the U.S., China and parts of Europe, the Indian retail e-commerce summed about $1.6 billion in 2012, and India consists of about 20 million regular online shoppers with a total of only about 400 well established merchants, according to Matrix Partners Indiaan Indian e-commerce venture capital firm.

Looking at the figures available one can take for granted that within a decade as the ranks of educated men and women of the age group 18-25 with growing disposable earnings and as the new web-enabled mobile handsets grow, India’s online retail market would increase by as much as 50% annually.

Part of a new wave of exciting, ground-breaking fashion, Stylish Bazaar is a new online destination that offers the latest affordable Indian Ethnic Women wear. Created and deliberate for women who are into fashion and the hottest trends, stylishbazaar.com is a recently launched website that aims to provide top-notch products in a highly competitive market; yet with such gorgeous women’s clothing in their collection, it gives the impression that the new site does have a promising future. Stylish Bazaar sells products of various brands. Most of the products are at highly discounted prices which are highly tempting to the shoppers.

Some of the direct competitors of Stylish Bazaar are FashionandYou, UtsavFashion and Fashionara. All the three websites mentioned above have been into the market for a long time and are well established by now. There is only one thing that makes Stylish Bazaar different from them and that is- the price.

Just to give you an idea on the price difference let us compare price of a particular product that is available both on Stylish Bazaar as well as on one of the above mentioned sites.

The price of the dress at Stylish Bazaar is Rs. 3497 and the same dress is available at Utsav Fashion for Rs. 5900.

§  The Website- The website is very satisfying and exciting for an online shopper. It is not at all dull like many other online fashion shopping websites. In fact it is really colorful and appealing for many online shoppers, hence it really would make one develop an urge to shop at Stylish Bazaar. Kudos to the site designers and developers.

§  Customer Care- The customer care service is available on the phone and also a live support is made available on the website Monday to Saturday. In my opinion as far as online purchasing is concerned, it is good to always have somebody whom you can chat with and get your query solved..

§  Product Delivery- I have been informed that although the product description says that the products will delivered in 10 to 12 working days but when i had a talk with their representatives, they told me it solely depends on the location and the product availability. The best part is that all their shipping is done by Air even within India, which means that their products would be delivered within 3 days of shipping even in the remotest part of India.

§  Product Range- Stylish Bazaar offers very limited variety of women apparels. There are a number of more products that can be added in women wear, which is actually missing right now. Hope that with the span of time they will bring in more variety.

If you have had any experience with Stylish Bazaar, do feel free to mention in the comments so that it would help our visitors.

Happy Shopping :-)
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How to send HTML email using gmail, yahoo, hotmail, outlook etc

sending html email using yahoo, gmail hotmail and other email providers

Hi friends,

I am back with this post and surely will be updating some technical stuffs regularly here.

Well i was wondering how to send HTML email by using the common email providers like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail etc.

To be true i had been searching a few ways to do so. And to some extent i succeeded also but sometimes there were some formatting issues.

I tried using the Edit in HTML feature of outlook.com but the problem was that the formatting was distorted. So now let me tell how i sent a professional newsletter email made in HTML using my outlook.com account.

(1) Make an html email using some of the free templates available on the internet, if you are a newbie. If you can do the coding yourself then it will be the best. For my viewers i would recommend a basic template available for free on CakeMail. There also several other templates available.

(2) Customize the template using any html editor. I would recommend using notepad ++

(3) Confirm that the template is saved in HTML format.

(4) For those who do not have any previous experience, i would recommend them uploading their images on web server or any open platform. Attaching images as attachments is what i personally don't like.

(5) Now login to your respective email service and compose a new email.

(6) Now come back to the HTML file which you have created using notepad++ or any other editor. Double Click on that file to open in it any web browser. 

(7) Press CTRL+A (select all) and then press CTRL+C (copy). [copy the whole page]

(8) Now paste the copied content in your compose email box. You will notice that the complete template that you had previously created is copied in the email compose box without any change in the format.

Enter the receiptant email address and Subject and send the email.

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Turn On your PC with android device via WiFi

Have you ever wondered whether it is possible to use an Android Phone to turn on your PC? It is actually a very simple process. All you require is a PC with a network adapter that supports WoWLAN, a WLAN connection and an Android Phone with PC AutoWaker. There are a few apps on the Android Market that allows use of WoWLAN but PC AutoWaker is free and arguable the easiest to use.
Just follow these steps to turn on your PC using your Android Device:
  • First we have to make sure WoWLAN is supported by your PC and that it has been enabled. In some PCs Booting via Network Adapter may be disabled. If you are not sure whether it is Enabled or know that it is Disabled, then Reboot your PC. Now take your Motherboards BIOS and look whether an option such as “Boot to Network” or “Internal Network Adapter Boot” or something similar under Boot Options has been Enabled. If not Enable it.
  • Now we have to look if your Network Card supports WoWLAN. It is available on most Network Cards, even if they are a couple years old. But just to be safe will we check it. To check:
    >First Open Control Panel(Run “control panel”). Then Open Device Manager. Then double click on Network Adapters then right click your Network Adapter and take Properties. Navigate to the Power Management Tab in the newly opened dialog box.  Make sure “Allow this device to wake the computer” is checked. If the option is not available then WoWLAN is not supported by your Network Adapter.WoWLAN Turn On Your PC With Android Device via WiFi
  • If your computer supports WoWLAN and WoWLAN feature has been enabled then we can begin the actual tutorial. Lets finish off what is there to do on your PC before we move on to your Android device. PC AutoWaker requires two pieces of information from your computer to control it remotely. First is your WLAN Access Point Name (SSID). You can get this by just going to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network and Sharing Center. You can get SSID from your Android Device but just in case it may by chance fail to detect it we will just find it from the PC itself. Or you can just head to Settings>Wireless & Networks>Wi-Fi Settings in your Android Device to get it.
    ip Turn On Your PC With Android Device via WiFi
  • Now that you have the SSID the next step is to get your PC’s MAC Address. To get the MAC Address first Run( Windows key+R ) cmd.exe. This will open Command Prompt. Now type in “ipconfig/all”. You will be provided a long list of information. Just note down your computer’s MAC address(Physical Address) from this list. Now you are read to do to the remaining of the tutorial so get your Android Device.
  • First thing is to install PC AutoWaker. Go to Android Market, search for the app and install itor just head here to install. Once installation is over you can start adding PCs which you want to remotely control with your phone.
  • To Add a PC first open PC AutoWaker . From its main screen select Add PC. Now just provide a name for your PC, then your PC’s MAC Address, then the SSID ( There is a get current connection information option. But just in case it might fail is why this tutorial explains how to get it manually. ).  Now the App will ask if you want to wake the computer automatically when your phone connects to this WiFi connection. You can un-check it if you want to wake your PC only manually.
    PC AutoWaker Turn On Your PC With Android Device via WiFi
  • To Wake your PC manually open PC AutoWaker Main screen. Tap on the PC that you registered. It is open a dialog box. From that tap Wake. If you only have one PC registered with the App then just tap Wake All from the Main Screen.
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Check whether any app is tracking you

Android market is filled with a fair share of malware at the moment when compared to other mobile platforms like iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry. In fact, Apple and RIM have brought in pretty strong security measures and apps containing malicious scripts rarely get their way through the app store.
It’s more easy for the developers to hide scripts in apps to spy your information on Android. It’ll always be safer to take some extra caution, not just on Android but in which ever platform you are. But here, we are talking about a useful app for the Android users which lets you know which app is using your device’s connectivity options with/without your permission.
‘Who is Tracking’ is a free app for Android which provides you with the list of apps installed on your device that tracks your location or any other info. Who is Tracking points out the apps that uses Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G etc and tells you why they are using it, thus letting you find suspicious app activities.
In addition to the above features, Who is Tracking also provides you options to mock your GPS data collected by apps and clear history related app data off your device.
who is tracking android app Check Whether any App is Tracking You [Android]
The app is available for free in the app store [Google play Link]. The publishers of the app have also mentioned about a paid version of the app which has not yet arrived in Google Play and some of the features are supported by that edition alone.
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Using Google Apps for Free – Still Possible

Google Apps is a popular and widely used service for branding the email address. Using Google Apps for free is no longer available. However, Google apps allows you to have your email address like you@yourdomain.com. No doubt, it boosts your brand name by using an email address likeyou@yourdomain.com instead of you@youahoo.com. While Google started this service through their free package for Google Apps, millions of company and individuals opted for that. Recently, Google have decided to change the free Google Apps for business package into the premium package and not to allow the new free sign-ups. Though the existing users can enjoy the same service as it was, new users will have to pay $50/year/user to get into the service. The premium service promises:
  • 25GB space of inbox
  • 24×7 support via phone
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime
While the maximum users are not satisfied with this news, you still have some option for using Google Apps for free or the same features on Outlook.com with your domain.
Note: Google Apps premium package allows you to use the 30 day trial. But if you want to use for your long-term business, you should go for a permanent solution and here is one such for you.

How to Sign-up with Google Apps for Free

Although, Google has revoke the free permission from Google Apps for Business, they still allow to create applications at Google App Engine with free of cost. Therefore, you can take the advantage of that and create an application to get into the Google apps for your domain. Here is a quick guide onusing Google Apps for free.
1. Create or sign-up a new Gmail account.
2. Then visit appengine.google.com and hit the [Create application] button.
Using Google Apps for Free
3. Now, put the information at the required field, check the box labeled as “I accept these terms” and click on the [Create Application] button. You can provide any dummy information if you fill uncomfortable to share your original one.
4. The above step registers your new application at Google App engine. You’ll get into the “Application Registered Successfully” page. Click on the [Dashboard] link.
5. No, look for the [Application settings] link into the dashboard. It should appear at the left pane of the dashboard window under [Administration] section.
6. After landing into the application settings page, scroll down the window and look for “Domain Setup“. Once found, click on the [Add Domain] button.
7. Here you go!!
Click on the “Sign up for Google Apps Standard” link** and you will be redirected to the page where you can sign up for the Google apps for your domain.
8. Write down your domain name and hit the [Submit] button.
9. Voila!! You are almost done!! Choose your user name and password for your branded email address, put some information about your organization (don’t worry, doesn’t matter if it goes false) and finally, hit the button [I accept! Create my account »].
10. Once you completed the above steps, you will be redirected to the Google Apps control panel for your domain. Here you you’ll be guided step-by-step to verify your domain with Google apps. It is too simple to do. Just follow the onscreen guidelines.
Congratulations!! You’ve just signed up Google apps for your domain with free of cost and you can enjoy the Google apps services. This account acts apparently same as it was before. The one thing that you can not do here that you will not be able to create any further user for this free Google apps account.
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How to Add Extra Widget Section In WordPress Blog

Generally, in the default WordPress themes, the sidebar contains the widget sections where you can easily add some script or block to highlight your blog content. In widget section you can show your recent posts, recent comments, or customized features dynamically just adding some plug-in or php code in the widget section from your administrator panel. But if you decide to add an extra widget section in any where within your blog, may be you get some problem. WordPress doesn’t allow you to add the widget section as usual.
Firstly, you have to register the widget section that you want to add in your theme function (Function.php).

How to add an extra widgets in your WordPress blog

Generally, the WordPress  free themes are widget ready. The number of inbuilt widget sections is maximum 3. But you can increase that number by registering them in the Function.php of your  blog theme.

Register your widget in Function.php

Suppose you want to add a widget  in the footer section in your blog  named footer-widget. At first take a backup of your theme folder using FTP. Open the function.php (/wp-content/themes/your_theme/function.php) and look for the code below:
if ( function_exists('register_sidebar') ){ register_sidebar(array( 'before_widget' => '', 'after_widget' => '', 'before_title' => '<h2>', 'after_title' => '</h2>', )); 

After the above code just add the following code
register_sidebar(array( 'name' => 'footer-widget', 'before_widget' => '<div id="%1$s" class="widget %2$s">', 'after_widget' => '</div>', 'before_title' => '<h3>', 'after_title' => '</h3>' )); 

Save it or update it. Note that I’ve registered the widget “footer-widget”. You can give any name.

Editing theme template

After registering the widget section you have to call the function in your theme template where you want to display it. For instance I’ll call that function from the footer template (footer.php). Add the following code where you want to show the widget section.
Now save the template.

Adding some styling rule in the style-sheet template

You have just added the widget in the proper place of your theme template. Now the last job is to add some rules in your style-sheet (style.css). Open style.css and add the following codes (you can also customize it).
# footer-widget { background:#F7F7F7; width:200px; height:200px; }
You are done. To see the effect open the widget section from your WordPress admin panel. If you are using WordPress 2.8 or higher, then it should be here:
Click on “Widgets” and you can see the list of the widgets section.
Find the widget section that you’ve just added. Enjoy your new widget section. Add any widget by dragging them in the widget section.
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How to Get Email Alerts for Facebook Page

Are you looking for an easy way to get email alerts for Facebook pages, or others that you are interested in following? You often miss out on important posts if you’re not constantly on Facebook checking your favorite pages for updates.
Luckily, Hyper Alerts provides an awesome service that will send you alerts and digests for any Facebook pages that you choose. You can monitor your own Facebook pages, or monitor other pages that you want to keep up with.
Here’s how to set up Facebook fan page alerts via Hyper Alerts.
How to Get Email Alerts for Any Facebook Page

Getting Started

1. Create an account on Hyper Alerts; just enter your email address and desired password.
2. You can create new alerts by URL of by connect your Facebook account, and selecting one of the pages you’re an administrator of.

Add Alert by URL

1. To add alerts by URL, click on the “Add alert by URL” button. This method is best if you want to receive alerts for Facebook pages that you are not an admin of; you can keep up with any Facebook page as long as you know the URL.
Click the add alert by URL button.
2. Enter the URL of the Facebook page that you want to monitor.
Enter the Facebook page URL.
3. Click on the “Add” button when you’re done.
4. Customize your alert and click on the “Save” button; this step is described in more detail below.

Add Alert from Facebook Account

1. To add alerts via your Facebook account, click on the “Add alert from your Facebook user” button.
2. You’ll be directed to Facebook, where you can add the Hyper Alerts app and connect your account.
3. You’ll be directed back to the Hyper Alerts website and you’ll be able to add pages that you’re the admin of.
Add any or all of the pages that you are an admin of to HyaperAlerts.
4. When you add a page, you’ll be able to customize your alerts – how often to receive the email alerts(hourly, daily, weekly, monthly) and what time of the day. If you choose weekly, you can choose which day to receive your alerts.
Customize the alert time and frequency for your Facebook page.
You can also choose to receive alerts regarding posts, comments and/or your own content (comments and posts by the page administrators). Once you’re done customizing your alert, click on the save button.
5. Once your alert has been set up, you can edit or delete it if desired.
You can edit and delete your alerts whenever needed.
6. You’re then free to add as many other pages as you’d like, or add the same page again so that you can receive an additional alert - you can add as many alerts as you like, and even multiple alerts for the same page.


That’s all to Hyper Alerts. Now all you have to do is sit back and wait for the daily, weekly, or monthly email reports to come in. No more monitoring your own pages or other Facebook pages around the clock; the information will conveniently come to you!
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